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4 and 8 Hour Driving Classes in Wake County, North Carolina

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Wake County offers the Alive At 25 teen defensive driving class for ages 16-21 years, 4 hour driving class for adults over the age of 21, 8 hour driving class, and safeTEEN Driving Academy Repeat-Offender Behind-The Wheel driving class. A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of each class.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

$75 for 4 hour defensive driving class
$100 for 8 Hour defensive driving class
$95 for safeTEEN Repeat-Offender 4 Hour Behind-The-Wheel driving course (Pre-payment required)

Alive At 25 Driving Class

The good news is that the Wake County District Attorney recognizes the National Safety Council’s 4-hour Defensive Driving Course – Alive at 25 as an alternative to the traditional prosecution of speeding tickets and other traffic citations for young drivers under the age of 25. Choosing to complete one 4-hour course could be in your best interest to:

  • Avoid Insurance Points and a Premium Increase
  • Avoid Court Appearance
  • Avoid Points on your North Carolina Driver’s License

To receive these benefits, you must meet all requirements as described on the Safe Driving Program Flyer. The most common eligible violations for this program are:

  • SPEEDING in 40mph zone or more (up to 15mph over limit)
    Example: 70mph in 55mph zone
  • SPEEDING in 35mph zone or less (up to 20mph over limit)
    Example: 55mph in 35mph zone
  • SPEEDING in a School Zone
  • Stop Sign or Red Light Violation
  • Improper Turn
  • Unsafe Movement

Certificate of Completion awarded at end of class.

4 Hour Adult Defensive Driving

This program is made available by the Wake County Court System, the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, and National Safety Council. Topic addressed include:

  • Defensive Driving skills to prevent crashes and save lives
  • Distracted and impaired driving
  • Identifying and handling road hazards and conditions
  • The Four Fatal Driving Behaviors

Certificate of Completion awarded at end of class.

8-Hour Defensive Driving Course
Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving

This 8 hour class is highly participatory and assesses the individual's driving behavior, and then involves the students in developing an action plan to improve driving behavior and personal responsibility.  A driver's behavior is a reflection of their attitude.  Students are directed into understanding how their driving results from choices they make and that the responsibility of safe driving is their own.  Appropriate violations for this course include excessive speeds, Passing a Stopped School Bus, Careless and Reckless Driving, and Driving While License Revoked.

safeTEEN Driving Academy Repeat-Offender 4 hour Behind-the-Wheel driving class

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