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Everyone knows that traffic tickets can result in court appearances, fines, and higher insurance costs. However, you may have additional options in Mecklenburg, Wake, and select other North Carolina counties that can save you money while improving your driving. Since 1989 our Safe Driving Program has provided drivers with potential reductions on a traffic violation in exchange for completing the 4-hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course.

4 and 8 Hour Driving Classes in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

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4 Hour Defensive Driving Class
8 Hour Defensive Driving Class
Alive At 25 Defensive Driving Class for Teens
safeTEEN Behind-The-Wheel (Repeat Offender)

Frequently Asked Questions

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DDC 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course

The good news is that the Mecklenburg County District Attorney and Judges recognize the 4-hour Defensive Driving Course as an alternative to traditional prosecution for eligible traffic citations. Choosing to complete one four-hour course could be in your best interest to:

  • Avoid Insurance Points and a Premium Increase
  • Avoid Court Appearance
  • Avoid Points on your North Carolina Driver’s License

The most common eligible violations for this program are:

  • SPEEDING in 40mph zone or more (up to 15mph over limit)              Example: 70mph in 55mph zone
  • SPEEDING in 35mph zone or less (up to 20mph over limit)             Example: 55mph in 35mph zone
  • SPEEDING in a School Zone
  • Stop Sign or Red Light Violation
  • Improper Turn
  • Unsafe Movement


We offer behind the wheel training with a Certified Driving Instructor.

You have just obtained your permit to become a licensed driver, you can get additional Supervised Hours/Training behind the wheel with the Safety and Health Council of NC.

Classes are offered by appointment only, prepaid and non-refundable.

Novice in Safety $125.00
 Orientation, behind the wheel and 4 hour class (scheduled separate day or possibly the same day) will receive assessment after 4 hour class is completed total of 6 ½ hours of training.

Behind the Wheel $45.00 hour (minimum 2 hours and completion of Novice in Safety package)

Please call our office to schedule a time and additional information at 704-644-4201.