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The safeTEEN Driving Academy is held one weekend a month at the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina located in southwest Charlotte. Students will drive a safeTEEN Driving Academy vehicle with all of the newest safety features and learn how to use and recognize these features. They will do Behind The Wheel exercises out on the road with many maneuvers in traffic including distracted driving, speed management, vehicle control, following distance, managing intersections, Off-Road Recovery and responding to emergency vehicles.

This program has also been approved by the Mecklenburg County Court System for eligible pending traffic infractions. Completion of the safeTEEN Driving Academy may prevent assessment of insurance points or premium surcharges on your insurance policy/and or points on your North Carolina driver’s license. To receive these benefits you must complete the safeTEEN Driving Academy before your next court date. Please confirm benefits of a “Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC)” with your insurance company or attorney

Questions? CALL (704) 644-4201

Class Times and Details

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
DOORS OPEN AT 7:15 AM; lock at 7:45 am
Late arrivals are not admitted.
$30 fee for NO SHOWS
Classes are held rain or shine
NO OPEN-TOED SHOES (sandals or flip-flops)
Driver's License or Permit is required.

Payment Options

$75 per student excluding court costs if applicable
Payment by Debit Card or Credit Card, Register by telephone(704) 644-4201 or online at and at our office, 2709 Water Ridge Parway, Suite 120, Charlotte, NC 28217.

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The safeTEEN Driving Academy

2709 Water Ridge Parkway, Suite 120
Charlotte, NC 28217

Behind the Wheel

Off Road Recovery
Decisive Action
Distracted Driving
Following Distance
Vehicle Control
Speed Management
Responding to Emergency Vehicles

Demonstrations & Activities

DWI - Traffic Laws
Impaired Driving/Drunk
Mythh of Multitasking


Vehicle Inspection - (Tire Pressure/Tread, Changing a tire, checking fluids, etc.)
How to handle peer pressure
The six driving conditions
The 7 deadly hazards
NC Traffic Laws


Realities of a Traffic Crash
Community CPR
Responding to Emergency Vehicles
Ambulance Tour Q&A
Move over law
Preventing Fatalities
Reviewing local & recent traffic crashes
What to do if you are in a collision

safeTEEN driving academy

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